Ellipsiz Communications aspires to be the leading Network/Services/Customer/Finance/Big Data/Innovation Solution Partner to the Communications Services providers (CSPs), Enterprises, Financial Institute, Industry and Solutions Suppliers in the Technology markets and beyond, providing a diverse set of strategic solutions that helps our customers to serve their clients better.


Ellipsiz helps customers to use advance and innovation technology to turn the ideas and requirement into practical and value, and we also provide solutions to enable our customers to stay ahead in a highly competitive business, while delivering value to our shareholders.


Ellipsiz Communications' success is primarily due to our commitment to sound business principles and how we collaborate with all our key stakeholders, shareholders, employees, customers, strategic associates and suppliers. Our key drivers are:

  • To design and deliver complete, appropriate and effective solutions
  • To facilitate and integrate our clients' technical and commercial needs
  • To provide excellent customer service


Ellipsiz has been in the communications business for more than 10 years. Our vast solution portfolio, project management and engineering capabilities are the key values to help our customers. Now we are expanding our technology domain to big data, finance, enterprise, VR/AR, transition from traditional technology platforms to the innovation solutions of the future.