Business Principles

Ellipsiz Communications embrace and interact with diverse cultures, and operate successfully within different regulatory environments.

Our business success is due to our commitment to sound business principles and how we collaborate with all our key stakeholders, employees, customers' strategic associates and suppliers.

At Ellipsiz Communications, we are proud of our thoughtful approach to business. This is reflected in our business principles, which we are pleased to share with you.


Our Ethical Governance


Ellipsiz Communications is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner. This priority led us to establish the following guidelines in our business operations.

  • No child labor: Ellipsiz Communications condemns all forms of exploitation of children; we do not recruit child labor and we support the elimination of exploitive child labor.
  • No discrimination: No discrimination supports and upholds the elimination of discriminatory employment practices and promotes diversity in all aspects of its business operations; our policies prohibit discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran status, national origin or any protected class.



Our Values



  • Earn and maintain our customers' trust through honest and transparent business practices.
  • We take our commitments seriously and we deliver on them.


Respect and Value the Individual

  • Treat individuals, customers and business partners with courtesy and respect.
  • Strong relationships are based on mutual respect and trust that is earned.
  • Recognise individual contributions and support each other to meet commitments.



  • We are committed to win-win outcomes for our customers and our company.
  • We are focused on long term successful outcomes and relationships with our customers and suppliers.


Personnel Excellence and Accountability

  • We are all committed to achieving excellence through constant learning and improvement.


Achievement Orientation

  • We strive to exceed expectations and take pride in delivering excellent results, both as individuals and as part of a team.


Our Interactions with Our Customers, Strategic Associates and Suppliers



  • We are passionately committed to service. Through our dedication to service, we create value for customers, communities and shareholders.

Customer Focus

  • Our customer is our coach and provides sound advice for our business outlook and strategies.


  • We treat our customers fairly. We will be straight-forward and fair in all our dealings with our customers. We will make dealing with us as simple as possible.

Supplier Diversity

  • Our Supplier Diversity focus was created to expand the products and services that can be offered to our customers.


  • We continue to build capability to grow our businesses and to outperform the competition.


Our Employees and Workplace


Work Place Diversity

  • We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where we value and retain the highest-calibre employees. We recognise and apply the value of contributions from different races and cultures.


Health and Safety

  • We are committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees and the communities we work in.


We take care of our most important resource, Our People

  • Health and Well-Being
    We provide eligible employee access to cost-competitive Health, Life and Disability Insurance benefits.


  • Balancing Career and Personal Life
    Work/Life balance is important to us and we provide flexible working times and leave policies.


  • Training and Development
    We are committed to the on-going development and advancement of our employees. We proactively encourage professional growth and personal development.